Clinics and Camps

The clinics are offered for one or two days and are divided into ground work and ridden work. All exercises taught are specifically designed for safety and control of both horse and rider. No one has to do anything they are not ready for, as the clinic is designed to nurture your loss of confidence not challenge it

There is no standard required nor is it discipline specific. All that is needed is you, your horse and a good sense of humour!

The day starts with a coffee and a chat that covers personal introductions, people’s fears or problem areas and training and horses. After this the group heads out to the arena so a demo is given to the group to get everyone started.

The main topics that are covered each day are:

  • Confidence Issues and Goal Setting (morning discussion)
  • Calm Down Cue
  • Ground Control and the Sack Out Process
  • Pre-Flight Check
  • Mounting Safely
  • Dismounting Dos and Don’ts
  • Hip/ Shoulder control both on the ground and under saddle

At the end of the clinic any questions are raised and discussed and it is the aim that personal goals have been met and that everyone has exercises to take home with them to build from the clinic.

Start time 9:30am. Please be ready and at the arena at 9:00am no later. You do not need your horse for the first bit, just yourself, a cuppa and be ready to have a great day!

Upcoming Clinics