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Confidence Clinics

The Sandi Simons Confidence Clinics were started in 1998 and they have grown with Sandi travelling all over Australia, New Zealand and the USA, helping Women and their horses.  Clinics are attended by 8-10 riders and are held for the two days over a weekend.  “Groundwork is always the basis of what I do; your horse has to be safe and predictable on the ground before you put your butt in the saddle.  I have a system to ‘ask’ the horse if he or she is ready to be ridden, are they listening, do they have established safety cues and responses when you’re in the saddle?”

Sandi’s understands that everyone has different needs, so she tailors her clinics to accommodate everyone’s personal needs.

One of the things that Sandi sees is the emotional connection with the riders and their animals.  A lot of women’s emotions often come out in the Clinics.  Sometimes it’s got nothing to do with the horse and rider, it might be coming from external sources like jobs, families or the pressure of looking after your children, losing yourself in life” she said.  “I’ve had women who haven’t recognised these and are reduced to tears when they realise how lost they have become, that’s when I not only offer training but emotional support and coaching to the attendees.  Mostly, when they have a good relationship with their horses then this can rub off in to other areas in their life and make them feel ‘whole’ again.

There is nothing mysterious or difficult about this and these methods are easily achievable for everyone so that the safety and confidence you need to thoroughly enjoy time out with your horse can be attained. Live your dream, love your passion and come and see what it is all about. AFTER ALL YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Level 2 Confidence Clinics

This Level 2 Confidence clinic is suited to anyone that has or has not, been to a Level 1 clinic before. Do you want to improve your riding? Maybe your performance? Then then is the next step. Maybe you have been to a Sandi Simons clinic and you are ready to move forward with your riding. This clinic could be just what you need, no matter what your discipline is, Trail riding, Dressage, Working Equitation, Western Dressage, Western, Reining, or just for fun… Sandi will help you put a plan into action, while guiding, supporting and helping you with everything you feel you will need for your next step forward in your riding whatever that might be.

Sandi Simons Performance Clinics

Wanting to improve your performance, want that winning edge. do u get lost at competitions?? Unsure on how to cope better and raise your level…

This is why Sandi has designed her new performance clinics.

No matter what discipline, English, Western, reining, trail riding, working Equitation, Liberty, Agility, Bridle-less riding. Double liberty, trick training.

Sandi offers an easy to follow program that will help you and your horse…

All manoeuvres will be shown and explained…

No set experience required just a willingness to learn, and have fun whilst learning everything you need to know about your performance journey…

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