Advanced Liberty Program

Advanced Liberty Program

3 weeks over 12 months (5 days per week, or this can also be
flexible and made up of 3 or 2 days at a time)

Price total is $4950 inc gst (payment plans available)
Enrolment is limited to 6 students, for the 3x 1-week training sessions, over 1 year. Each session will be separated by an approx. 3 months. This will allow trainers time to absorb all that they have been working on and time to clarify those things in their own mind that they’ll need to “perfect”.

Keeping class sizes small allows Sandi to work more one on one with each student allowing more quality time. It is Sandi’s goal is to offer an amazing and emotionally healthy environment to train in. With the other students to work with and practice with, you will get a well-rounded education. This program is something new and designed for women who want to learn everything there is to know and understand about Liberty training.

This program will allow you to become not only emotionally connected to your horse but you will have a whole new understanding to horse training, At the end of this program you will know everything there is to know about Liberty Training and you may even want to do what others have done and take it further by teaching it at demos or giving lessons its completely up to you .
Don’t wait too long to make your booking as it is only a 6-person program. This is also an individualized program that works with each person giving everyone the exact training they need.

The Advanced Liberty Program covers












Round Pen


Stand Still

Sack Out


Agility at liberty


Come to you cue

Body control


Tie Up

Liberty Lunging

Double liberty (ride one, liberty one)

Walk trot canter at liberty

Call over jumps

Ground tie

Liberty float loading

Tricks at liberty

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