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Disclaimer/Release of Liability Use of the information contained in the videos on this website is at your own risk. Horses, horse activities and horse training can be extremely dangerous. Do not attempt any of the training techniques, methods or advice received from the videos on this website without proper supervision, safety equipment and proper facilities.

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The Monthly Subscription is a RECURRING payment, this means that you will be charged each month until you unsubscribe. Your “month” runs from the day that you subscribe through the same day of subsequent months. For example, if you join on the 9th, the next payment will be taken on the 9th of the next month, unless you unsubscribe 2 days prior to that date for processing to occur. It is your responsibility to Unsubscribe.


Registering for a clinic or camp, Once you have registered and paid in full or a 50% for a clinic, we have a no refund policy but can transfer you to one other clinic, give credit, or you can on sell to another rider.

You must pay a Deposit to hold your position at a clinic or camp.