Camps Information

The week-long camp focuses on you being set up with a plan of success that will not only raise your confidence within yourself but also between you and your horse.

The camps start with you being handed the tools that will enable you to feel safe and calm around your horse and for those that have attended any of Sandi’s clinic before we will revise everything you have learnt ensuring that the foundation has been firmly laid enabling us then to support you while we expose both you and your horse to new environments.

We work towards getting the two of you beyond the front gate, with Sandi’s support you could be taking your horse to the beach, on a trail ride, learn to not only float load but to be able to travel your horse safely alone along with being handed the tools to conquer whatever situation day to day horse ownership throws at us.

AND because the camp is all about YOU as well as your horse, we ensure that you get to indulge yourself a little, some of the other things you might want to work on at camp are, Liberty, Trick Training, Natural Horsemanship, Trail Riding, Agility, Reining and Performance, in fact if there is something particular you want to learn or work on let Sandi know.

Do not worry too much about working your horse so he is fit enough or fat enough, in fact don’t worry at all as once you get here, all will fall into place and I promise we WILL take good care of you!!

If there are any questions that you may have, please call, don’t sit and dwell, Just Ask we are here to help

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