Sandi Simons

Sandi is a mother of 5, a wife, a businesswoman a horse trainer and an International horse presenter.

Sandi is Australia’s first Confidence Creator In developing a Training system called “CREATING CONFIDENCE”

Sandi’s life has been a mix of highs and lows but was always underpinned by her love of horses. She travels Australia wide to present two-day clinics or camps and appears as a guest presenter at Australia’s major Horse Expos.

Sandi wanted to accommodate a woman who had lost their confidence for one reason or another, whether it be through having children, a bad fall or simply having some time out of the saddle and this is where “CREATING CONFIDENCE” was created. Sandi has now helped thousands of women all over the world regain their confidence to get back in the saddle whilst enjoying a safe and harmonious relationship with their horses.

Sandi has also been a horse rider her whole life and has worked on many aspects of the horse industry here in Australia for many years, and been involved with some of the biggest equine events around the world.

Sandi’s insightful, compassionate nature makes her a truly unique coach who is now providing a training system that has been sadly lacking for those that have struggles within the equine world.

Sandi offers all ladies that have lost their confidence the help, encouragement and support they need to ensure that their journey with riding can become easier, enjoyable and more fulfilling. No matter what discipline you are interested in, no matter what age you are or what level you are at, it is never too late to get to where you want to be and do what you want to do with your riding and with your life with the right tools and the right plan you can move forward. Small daily successes lead to huge progress and those scary moments with your horse can be avoided as they only erode confidence and any progress that has been made. Sandi has devised a unique programme brought about by her own battle with self- doubt and defeat and she understands the courage it takes to rise above that. It is her life’s passion to help others find that same courage. Sandi believes that everyone has the capacity within themselves to do more and go further than they ever thought possible. She helps women find the strength they hold within to overcome their perceived limitations and return to empowerment, both with their horse and in their life. Her aim is for everyone she meets to become a stronger more complete person with their horse, their relationships and within themselves. The programme focuses on teaching you the tools and skills needed to stay safe, move forward and recognize when things are getting off track and to know how to deal with those issues to get back on track. There is nothing mysterious or difficult about this and these methods are easily achievable for everyone so that the safety and confidence you need to thoroughly enjoy time out with your horse can be attained. Live your dream, love your passion and come and see what it is all about. After all you are worth it!

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Sandi’s PA Leanne Robinson 0422 315 811

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