Cowgirl Dressage (Digital Download)


By Sandi Simons.

One of the most purchased DVD’s in our Range. Welcome to the world of Cowgirl Dressage. Cowgirl meaning Woman and Horse, Dressage meaning to train above extrodinary. From spins to canter pirouettes, Canter lead departures to Liberty, the sky is the limit for those who are passionate about training their horses.


Welcome to the world of cowgirl dressage. Not western, not dressage. Just ordinary woman training their horses to do extraordinary things.

In this video Sandi will share with you the ground work and ridden work that will enable you to cross train dressage and western…. No matter what discipline you ride, there will be something that will assist you in creating a soft a safe horse……. Join the world of cowgirl dressage and train your horse whilst you get the support of those around you. From ground to ridden techniques learn this great way to cross train your horse.