Confidence of the Trail (Digital Download)


by Sandi Simons

Trail riding can be really scarey but  Sandi has designed a dvd that will give you some answers, so you will be in more control and remain calm. What to do when a car comes past? How to deal with barking dogs? How to be successful whilst you are in a large group?

This dvd will certainly give you a head start before you head out!


This Video will help assist you step by steps to get you riding confidently and more relaxed out on the trail. Covers some confidence as well as Trail riding.

Trail riding although very enjoyable can be very frightening, Sandi explains some methods of keeping your horse calm and relaxed when meeting unexpected company on the trail, from motorbikes to Kangaroos.

Sandi has been teaching women to ride for a long time. A mother of 5 children, Sandi understands from experience the physical and emotional difficulties sometimes faced by women returning to the saddle after a break.

Sandi’s humour, often verging on the outrageous, does much to relax and reassure the tentative rider seeking to regain their former confidence…….