Creating Confidence


by Sandi Simons

This dvd is designed to help the most nervous rider, starting on the ground, showing easy to apply lessons for safety and control.

Sandi shares in this dvd what  she developed to assist herself with her own confidence issues. A must for all nervous nellies out there wondering where to start!



Sandi Simons has been helping women to get back in the saddle for a long time. As a mother of 5 children, Sandi understands from experience the physical and emotional difficulties sometimes faced by women returning to the saddle after a break.

Sandi’s humour, often verging on the outrageous, does much to relax and reassure the tentative rider seeking to regain their former confidence…….

This Video with help you understand, relax and focus on some training techniques for your horse to become relaxed, calm and safe, intern so you feel confident back in the saddle again.It covers her foundation training methods from ground work to ridden techniques. A greatvideo for those who are ready to begin training back to confident riding.

Contents: >

• Goal Setting
• Confidence issues
• Three Training Rules
• The Kiss Cue
• Learning Curves
• Ground Control
• Mounting Safely
• Pre Flight Check
• Sack Out Process
• Mounting With Mounting Block
• Dismounting…and do’s and don’ts
• Go Forward Cue: Ridden
• Hip Control: Ridden
• Calm Down Cue
• On the Ground – Ridden
• Cones for Confidence: Riding Exercise
• Graphs Calm Down Graph
• Safety Cue Graph
• Hints and Tips for Comfortable Riding
• Frequently Asked Questions

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