A Life Worth Riding


an Autobiography by Sandi Simons

One woman’s journey to find the strength within – and then to help others Powerful, intriguing, life changing.’ – Jody Lyons ‘I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel…’


Sandi Simons grew up in a small country town and, like many young girls, developed a passion for horses. However, her childhood was far from easy. At a very young age, she was placed in a situation in which her innocence was destroyed and her life affected forever. Then she watched her parents’ marriage fall apart and her mother suffer debilitating depression. She moved out of home hoping to improve her situation.

Unexpectedly, Sandi soon found herself a teenage mum at the age of fourteen, and a series of abusive relationships followed. But somewhere in her heart she knew there was always hope for a better life… and always horses waiting for her.

After meeting talented horseman David Simons, Sandi realised that her life experiences had completely destroyed her confidence in everything she did, including riding horses. Determined to overcome her fears, she worked with David to regain her old skills. She began to understand that it was not just riding she was relearning – she was learning to trust herself and let herself be loved.

Since then Sandi has helped thousands of women all over Australia and the US to find the strength within to overcome their perceived limitations, both with their horses and in their lives. In her work with women using horses, Sandi helps them face their fears and become stronger, more complete individuals, who are able to banish self-doubt and believe in their own value.

‘My own early life experiences helped me develop empathy for other women and the courage to help them with their personal issues, so that they too can believe in themselves and follow their own dreams. This book … contains stories from some of the women I have worked with to perhaps provide insights that readers can relate to and take heart from.’ — Sandi Simon

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